Whats my Bed Size?

Whats My Bed Size?

Globally there are many different sizes of bed that different countries class as there 'standard size'. Now, with the growth of the internet and the global village these sizes are much more readlily available for everyone, with customers buying the bed size they want, whether it be here in the UK or importing it from another country.

We've set out below our knowledge in relation to what constitutes a standard bed size depending on what country you are in. We've also put some of the terminology along with the bed sizes to make it clearer. Hope this helps....

UK Standard Bed Sizes

For the most part beds in the UK and Ireland still use imperial dimensions but are often sold in their (very) approximate metric equivalents.

3' x 6'3" ( 90cm by 190 cm)
4'6" x 6'3" (135 x 190cm)
5' x 6'6" (150 x 200cm)
Super king 
6' x 6'6", (180cm x 200cm)


Large Bed Sizes

Larger can be made by bespoke bed specialists, these usually fall into the categories of:

Eastern king: 78" (200 cm) wide, 
Emperor: 84" (210 cm) wide
Caesar: 96" (240 cm) wide.


Other bespoke bed sizes:

These sizes are sometimes made to fit into smaller rooms that may not take a standard size bed.  Ie caravans or boats.  They are also typical sizes for adjustable beds which tend to be slightly longer (about 6'6" long) than UK sizes.
Small single 
2'6 x 6' (75cm x 180cm)


Extra small single 
75 cm × 200 cm (30" × 79")
Small single 
80 cm × 200 cm (31" × 79")
Large single 
100 cm × 200 cm (39" × 79") 3'3" x 6'7"

Prince or small double or three quarter bed 
4' x 6'3" (120cm x 190cm)

European Bed Sizes


European sizes are mainly referred to in centimetres and can be found in the UK in european stores such as Ikea.  In some Euro zones such as France and Spain the length of older beds is sometimes closer to 190cm.

In Italy, beds are classified by width:

Una piazza or Singolo 
80 to 90 cm (31 to 35 in) wide
Una piazza e mezza
120cm (47") wide
Piazza francese
140 cm (55 in) wide
Due piazze or Matrimoniale
160 to 180 cm (63 to 71") wide
Tre piazze or Osimano
200 to 400 cm (79 to 157 in) wide

Most mattress sizes in the Netherlands are also available in extra long, meaning 220 cm instead of 200 cm.

In the Scandinavian countries, standards vary from one country to another. In Norway, these sizes are used:

Small single
75 cm × 200 cm (30 in × 79 in)
90 cm × 200 cm (35 in × 79 in)
Large single
120 cm × 200 cm (47 in × 79 in)
150 cm × 200 cm (60" × 79") which is equal to two small single mattresses)
180 cm × 200 cm (71" × 79") equal to two single mattresses)

Beds/mattresses are often available also in extra long (220 cm or 87 in length). Some older beds are only 190 cm (75 in) long, while antique beds often are even shorter (since they in older times often slept in a reclined position rather than the close to supine position which is common today, and also, on average, people are taller now than they used to be).

Australian Bed Sizes

Most bed sizes available in Australia have already been covered above but there are some other outsized beds that are covered below

Single extra long
92 cm × 203 cm (36 in × 80 in)

King single 
106 cm × 203 cm (41 in × 80 in)


Round Bed Sizes

Round bed sizes can vary starting from around 4'6" (135cm) widths up to 7' (213cm) and beyond.  Round beds are measured by the width across the widest part of the bed, (its diameter).  Victoria Linen use this when categorising the sizes of round beds.


Adjustable Bed Sizes

Adjustable beds (also known as electric beds) are those which move into different positions allowing you to sleep in different positions giving extra comfort.  Some even help bring you to a vertical position, helping you out of bed in the mornings.  The sizes of these beds varies greatly depending on what machinery the bed uses.  Most adjustable beds tend to be made at an extra length, finishing at 6'6" or 6'9" instead of the standard 6'3" length.  Please see our adjustable bed section for more information